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Appraisals and inspections are our primary service. We offer several levels of inspection for many functions.  Certified appraisals are available for bank loans and insurance purposes.  We offer thorough pre-purchase inspections for those thinking about buying sight unseen, or that simply want a professional opinion before making a purchase.  Inspections range from a basic valuation to reports spanning many pages covering every aspect of a vehicle. These reports are accompanied by hundreds of photos showing the exterior, interior, engine, trunk/bed, undercarriage and any documentation that comes with the vehicle. This detailed report also includes a test drive report and all equipment tested for functionality. Every inspection comes with a Certified Appraisal. This is to help you pay a fair price, obtain a loan if needed, and get the correct Agreed Value Classic Car Insurance after the purchase.  

Reasons for Appraisals

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle, it is always a good idea to have an independent appraisal.  

You may also need a certified appraisal to obtain insurance.

Wrecked and your insurance company is offering less than your vehicle is worth? Invoke the appraisal clause and get more money in your hands for repairs and depreciated value. 

Why Choose SCCS?

Cars are our passion, not just a paycheck. We strive to understand your needs and we work for you.  We guarantee to be professional, timely and courteous while delivering top notch service each and every time. Every inspection comes with a Certified Appraisal. When choosing an inspector / appraiser you need to find someone who knows vehicles inside and out. Being a certified appraiser is great (and our appraisals are certified), but an in depth understanding of vehicles is more important.   Being certified means someone has passed a course on ethics, rules and standards used in appraisal writing. This does not mean they understand the differences in frame types, engine types,suspension types, etc.  Or that they can spot a $300 paint job from a $20,000 paint job. Automotive knowledge is key, and we have it! We are based in Tampa and proudly serve within a 150 mile range of the Tampa area. 

If you need a shipping quote or financing let me know. I'm happy to help. Be sure to ask the selling dealer about Classic Vehicle Protection! Protect your investment and yourself. 

Meet the Owner

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Brad Kline

 From as far back as I can remember some part of my life has revolved around cars. My grandfather owned an upholstery shop where my father worked. I spent a lot of time there as a kid seeing old Packards, LaSalles, and street rods.  My father took over the shop when I was in junior high and I started seeing a lot more muscle cars and even some late models. When I got old enough to be trusted I was given the task of tearing down interiors, rebuilding seats, recovering headliners and occasionally some light sewing of seat covers during my summers off of school. I have also worked in the service department of a Ford dealership and obtained my B.S. in Automotive Technology from the University of Central Missouri. Most recently I worked 10 years managing a classic car dealership and oversaw around 250 car sales per month.   I have owned over 35 classic cars (including 22 Mustangs) of my own and restored 15+ to one degree or another. I was selected as one of SEMAs "35 Under 35" in 2015 which was an honor.   I am also a certified member of the American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers and follow ASCAA and USPAP guidelines. I am also the CEO of the Union of Certified Auto Appraisers - UCAA.  Cars are my passion and I will work hard to earn your business.  

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