I had an inspection today on a 1972 Mach 1. I've owned many collectible cars and have bought cars I shouldn't have. Brad did an excellent job writing his review and appraisal and the photos were great. Thank you for keeping me from buying something without having my eyes open.   Ronnie (Florida)

Brad was great! Called him on Tuesday after 5 and left a voicemail and he called back in less than 5 min! He was professional, polite and informative. He went through his process and answered all of my questions.  Brad stated that he had some time to inspect my car the next day and would have the report over to me soon after inspection... I have to say he delivered way beyond my expectations Brad inspected the car and got the report back to me before 2pm!  I’m am very happy with his report he was very detailed and went over and beyond with the photos. Brad also provided an appraisal of the vehicle which is always nice to have for insurance and peace of mind when dealing with a seller. Thanks Brad!!!    Larry (Illinois)

Brad was great to work with.  He was patient with all of the questions that I had on top of turning an inspection and appraisal around in a couple of days!  Based on his input I am very confident in the purchase of my 1971 Corvette.  - Jason (Kansas)

Excellent report done in a timely manner, and you may quote me. Thanks to your pictures and descriptions I will not contact seller. You have saved me time and money.   Glenn (New York)

Drove 2 hours to get to my house, was on time, very knowledgeable of classic vehicles, even showed me a truck I didn't even know existed. I highly recommend Brad Kline. Thanks again. - Tim (Hudson Florida)

My name is Jeff Lendrum from Neenah Wisconsin. I have been looking for a Classic Fiat Spider Automobile for some time when I found a 1977 Spider in Tampa on 25May2018. The Dealership advertised the Fiat as almost 100% perfect and they shared a nice portfolio of photography that also impressed me. My next step was to find a qualified Classic Automobile Inspector to save me a trip to Tampa and after reviewing many, I decided to give Brad at Survivor Classic Car Services a call. His website and his background was and is very impressive. Brad answered quickly and after I explained my situation, he answered all of questions before I asked them and he gave me a sincere vote of confidence about his detailed Inspection process and his final six page detailed report. Brad then went to the Dealership within a 12 hour period along with suppling me with the final report hours later. Brad's information about the Fiat disclosed very important flaws that the Dealership omitted and Brad's report allowed for me to make decisions on the real fair market value of the Automobile versus the Dealerships asking price. With that said, Brad Kline handled my situation perfectly and with a Professional Attitude and with Professional Business Practices. Thank You Brad, With Regards, A+++++++ Jeff (Wisconsin)

Brad was very thorough and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my appraisal. He was extremely professional and friendly, too. I recommend him without reservation. - Roger (Tampa)

Brad has been a great resource - he really knows his stuff and is reasonable, effective and efficient. He turned around a report in 24hrs. I highly recommend him. He is your go to guy when it comes to car appraisals. - Aram (New York)

I found Brad through a google search for local Classic car appraisers.  We set up an appointment and he showed up on time and conducted a wonderful inspection/appraisal of my 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible.  I stood around and asked probably a thousand questions and he was able to answer everyone of them in detail.  He is obviously very experienced in his trade and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a thorough appraisal of a classic vehicle.  As stated before by others he is "Top Notch".  - Roger (Tampa)

 Absolutely top notch!!!  I live in the St. Louis area and the car I wanted was in Tampa.  After Brad did the inspection report, I felt comfortable buying it based just on his report and appraisal. His services are prompt, accurate and reasonable.  - Bob (Illinois)

 I had Brad from Survivor Classic Car Services inspect a 1962 Chevy Impala for me as I in in Ca and the car was in Florida. He gave me a very detailed inspection with over 200 pictures. It helped me make my decision on the car. I highly recommend him. - Ted (California)

 Had it not been for his professional, thorough and honest inspection/appraisal, I would've made a regretful purchase. Many Thnx to you Brad! I will use your service again in the future.  - John (Lakeland Florida)

Very detailed review with quality advice. Didn't miss details and presented all the positives and negatives with a great report. Lots of pics and video. Very sound base for suggested valuation. - Andrew (Australia)

I needed a car appraiser for my father's 63 T-bird.  I was referred to Brad at Survivor Classic Car Services.  I needed the appraisal quickly and was able to schedule a convenient day and time.  He was prompt and I received the survey emailed later that same day.   I believe he is very knowledgeable, thorough and fair with the inspection. - Diana (Largo Florida)

 Detailed information all presented same day of inspection. Great communication as well, highly recommended. - Gustavo (Miami Florida)

Very quick response and being that I was in a tight situation, he worked a miracle and got the appraisal done within 6 hours of contact. Very thorough and very prompt. Couldn't ask for a more professional and very detailed appraisal. A+++ - Jimmy (Tampa Florida)


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